Ferrari F8 Tributo

2021F142 DCT7,580km
Track day approved

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12.9L / 100km
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Unleash the symphony of raw power and unparalleled elegance with the 2021 Ferrari F8 Tributo! This masterpiece of speed and design is not just a car; its a visceral experience, a celebration of precision engineering and Italian craftsmanship. We will happily include a 3 year warranty as part of the sale; please enquire today to find out more. This vehicle is one of the highest specd F8s in Australia. It is in immaculate condition, with both keys and a full service history through Ferrari. The vehicle is completely wrapped in PPF so you can rest assured that the paintwork is untouched. The option plaque has been photographed - the car has almost every bit of carbon fibre you can get on the F8 - no expenses were spared when building the car. The main highlights of the option list are as follows; - Full Carbon Fibre Exterior - Full Carbon Fibre Interior - Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel with Tri-colour Stripe - Carbon Fibre Engine Cover - Carbon Fibre Racing Seats with Tri-colour Stripe - Suspension Lifter #Trackdayapproved.

Ferrari F8 Tributo2021F142 DCT7,580km
Track day approved

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Track day approved

Drive on the same track as the V8 Super Cars.

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Ferrari F8 Tributo2021F142 DCT7,580km
Track day approved

Price (e.g.c)

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Next steps
Expect a response from the seller in less than 1 hour.

Call us on (08) 6365 6432

Price excludes government charges

Stock ID: 61022019

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