Introducing BOATINGCO

By Anthony Discerni - Wednesday 17 May 2023

Boating Co

Since CARCO's launch, an ambitious concept of a one-stop shop for everything automotive that has proven to be immediately successful, and the ambition has not stopped there. Today we are proud to introduce BOATINGCO, matching CARCO’s commitment to customer service, but for water-based travel.

Western Australia is famed for it’s endless and breathtaking coastline, the nearby island paradise of Rottnest, the ruggedly beautiful scenery of the Kimberly region and the ocean life that makes for some of the best ocean fishing in the world. BOATINGCO will be your gateway to experiencing all of it in the luxury of your own yacht.

BOATINGCO is first of it’s kind for Western Australia, offering a service that cannot be found anywhere else in the state, and will strive to become an industry leader.

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